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Crystal Rose - Carved Stone -

Crystal Rose - Carved Stone -

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Gemstone Roses

✨Beautiful carved crystal roses on a metal stem! Each is hand cut, shaped and polished in to the roses you see pictured. Makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.  These stones may vary slightly in sizes & characteristics.  

Approximately: Rose: 1.5" tall x 1.5" wide 1.375" thick Stem: 7.75" tall 3.125" wide 

Fluorite - Peace and Positivity

Moss Agate - Tranquility & Emotional Balance 

Labradorite: Aids in spirtitual growth and helps sheild the aura

Black Obsidian: Shields from negative energies and psychic attack. Strength and balance. 

Yooperlite: Stone of truth. Helps speak your mind and aids in self-confidence. Glows under UV light!

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