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💎Crystal box💎

💎Crystal box💎

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✨The perfect safe haven for your crystal collection. This beautifully hand carved wooden Goddess box includes 6 tumbled stones and 1 mini selenite stick.

Included crystals:
  • Yellow aventurine- Used for balance, creativity, optimism, calmness and self reflection. 

  • Lapis lazuli- protects against psychic attacks and negative energy. Heightens intuition. 

  • Amethyst- Known as the "all purpose stone". Spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing, relieves stress and anxiety.

  • Black tourmaline - Protection stone. 

  • Moonstone- Helps balance and cool down emotional tension. Puts us intone with our feminine side. Creativity and restoration. 

  • Selenite- A universal stone that cleanses and charges other crystals. Selenite self cleanses itself. Promotes mental clarity and well-being, as well as removing negative energy so you may connect with higher realms. 

  • Dragons blood -Encourages patience and forgiveness. Perfect for developing courage. 

✨All crystals are smoke cleansed and charged before being shipped out. 

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